Rumi - conscious rocks

Rumi was born from the personal desire to make more ethical and sustainable jewelry. Like my other works, they contain details that refer to Pre-Hispanic America highlighting the role of the jewel as a cultural heritage. These "conscious rocks" are made of recycled paper that I transform through rigorous treatment and mould by hand, as if it were clay. These "rocks" are then dried naturally, in the open air for 24-48 hours. Finally, I apply the same process as for metals using precision tools to give them their finished look.

Kurumi - rainbow in a box

This collection reflects the fusion of man-made shapes such as square and rectangle with lively colors found in nature, such as lake placid blue, sherwood green and ocean turquoise. The shapes are first created in clay before being transformed into silver. The inside part of the box is based on resin carefully mixed with color pigments. Each texture is unique and the color can be selected according to your state of mind.

Itzel - evening star

This collection is probably the most timeless. Its name Itzel comes from the indigenous Mayan language and was inspired in textures that are found in fabrics and tissues. It follows intuition and spontaneity without looking for perfection. 

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